Domain Name

A good domain name is an essential element of a good web marketing strategy. The domain name is the internet address of a website. Before choosing one, it is important to conduct a thorough search for the availability of such domain name before incorporating a company.

How to choose your domain name?

A good domain name reflects the foundations and spirit of your company all while being unique enough so that your customers do not confuse it with another.

A good domain name is therefore:

– short;

– unique;

– easy to remember;

– easy to write;

– in connection with the company or products

It is best to ensure that the name you have chosen is not protected by a trademark.

If your domain name is easy to misspell, you should consider acquiring domain names containing other possible spellings or common errors in order to avoid losing visitors.

This article does not constitute legal advice, to obtain a solution adapted to your needs, please consult a lawyer.

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